Venice 2012 from August 25 to September 15, 2012

Through a narrative path for architectural projects and professionals city you can find that expose their work to provide space to share with other international architects exposure.
A unique opportunity to see first hand the workshops and make contact with architectural reality. You enjoy a sample project's own study, the area representative will be entitled to display international projects in a new format.

Model OSA is a joint initiative of Creactivistas Magazine.

Call OSA2012
Map with the studies of architecture and spaces involved in the exhibition

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We organize the creation of a road exhibition in collaboration with local architectural firms for a tour of Venice to visit these sites practitioners and expo for architects. In this way the sample lead to the dissemination and contact with local architects and projects. It serve as a support for the dissemination of emerging international architecture.
With this proposal we give the possibility of this route to the visitors of Venice around the city, to know the local architectural firms while discovering alternative sample.

We have local architectural firms joined the event and partner to take charge of coordinating with the production themselves. We are inviting architects of any nationality to take part in the sample based on these available spaces. Giving preference and opportunity to young and emerging architects as an alternative sample.